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Midea Galanz were sharp price increases

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Midea Galanz were sharp price increases, we are happy or sad?

In recent years, the two giants of the domestic microwave oven Galanz and Midea are frequent moves, or the introduction of so-called supranational energy efficiency standards for products to market, or big concept of playing cards, launched the 'steam Cube' and 'light' series. Different content, but the results are surprisingly consistent Manufacturers Of Sand Crushers, that is, two high-end microwave oven market prices are stood on the top of 1,000 yuan, compared with the previous two or three hundred microwave frequently, prices rose sharply. Coincidentally, Fall Fair in early November last year, the two giants are invariably mention on overseas products offer 10%, which the two companies in the ten years of price war history, is absolutely unprecedented. So unison price increases, is it intentional to two companies?

With the vicious competition in the market a decade

In the field of home appliances around the world, not a single product can be like, like microwave ovens, 'Made in China' has such a large market advantages, and concentrated in the hands of two companies. Data show that in 2010 total sales in the global microwave oven about 70 million units, while the United States and Glanz two giants in the global market share has reached 80% of the domestic market share of more than 90% then, the remaining were Panasonic, Sanyo Haier and other companies eating.

relative monopoly figures reflect the two giant microwave oven absolute strength in the global market. However, with the growth of the microwave oven market is up to ten years 'price war', the two companies continue to 'kill' a competitor in the market enjoy a rapid expansion, sales continued to surge of joy, but also filled with constantly vicious price competition, the industry has maintained interest rates a few points, becoming recognized as a 'low-profit industry,' so that the two companies was 'injured China Stone Crusher Manufacturers.'

Not only that, the price war benign sustainable development of the industry has left a huge risk. For a long time, the domestic market and consumer recognition for microwave function and operability quite limitations, only the family kitchen microwave oven in a supporting role, assumed the hot meals and other simple functions, and in the steaming, fried, boiled, fried, stewed , stew and other aspects of the function is no good development and utilization Ever since there has been 'everyone has a microwave oven, but it is not every family will use the microwave oven,' the strange phenomenon. This enterprise is too much effort to contain price war, and attend to industrial upgrading and spending habits of the consumer culture are not unrelated Mini Stone Crusher Price.

End price war in favor of technological upgrading

Although the United States giving up a price war statements on different occasions repeatedly issued, and did not get a positive response from Galanz, but from Galanz step the United States followed the high-profile announced the launch of 'frequency light microwave oven', the main technology include frequency and steam and proposed to implement microwave 'Allround' implements the concept of industrial upgrading, the Galanz, this China currently NO.1 microwave oven market, and finally loose stick more than a decade of low-cost strategy. General manager of Galanz microwave oven in an interview with reporters, also revealed the ultra low-cost microwave oven will gradually cut plan 'for low-end products, we can not say immediately shut down, but we certainly still the main promotion shortcuts, versatile cooking, low carbon environmental protection high-end products. '

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