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construction waste crusher maintenance note

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Due to the collision with the large amount of material, sand making equipment must be regular maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of production line. Today we interviewed expert on Zibo construction waste crusher, to share with you about how to do well the winter maintenance of construction waste crusher. Author: Hello, as years of study of construction waste crusher you, affirmation of sand making equipment maintenance has a lot of experience, can tell us about? Expert: mining machinery production capacity is very high, the relative wear is also high, so do the maintenance of equipment is very important. 
The Boshan sand to regularly check the internal parts, wearing parts mainly often needs to change. We have a common repair method here can mention, empty machine operation can detect whether the device is normal.Under zero load conditions, can check the construction waste crusher accessories are complete, the anchor bolt hole size and relative position, transfer triangle belt tension is appropriate etc.. Author: If winter comes, low-temperature conditions, how to properly adjust the belt tension? Expert: tension temperature on the conveyor belt will have certain effect, in the Zibo construction waste crusher in working process, to ensure as far as possible on both sides of the triangle belt length is equal, uniform stress, can avoid transferring because of tension force caused by the different fault zone, influence the production line and a series of problems.
Author: we know, these days most of the Shandong city is the lowest temperature a few degrees below zero, difficult to start the construction waste crusher, this what you have suggestions or solutions? Expert: construction waste crusher is generally open work, meet the low temperature, snow and other inclement weather, to do a good job of equipment maintenance work in advance. If you encount. If you encounter a gale of 6 class above to stop operation, pay attention to all the equipment well sand production line protection measures, arrange professional personnel to eliminate water, ice and snow sediments on the production line of work site, ensure the Zibo mechanism of sand production line work site no water, no ice. 
There is also a must pay attention, when the temperature is below zero, the transmission steel machinery, air compressor, pump, tower crane, construction waste crusher of the oil, lubricating oil should be replaced as the lubricating oil more than -25. Winter mechanism of sand production, a professional management staff to learn the related knowledge and safety requirements, and ensure the normal operation of low temperature construction waste crusher. Author: Thank you very much for your explanation, we details of construction waste crusher maintenance needs further study. Expert: not at all, in order to improve the construction waste crusher production under the condition of low temperature, good equipment maintenance is needed.
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