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 proper maintenance of construction waste crusher - Le Isole - Answers
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proper maintenance of construction waste crusher

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Construction waste crusher is a material often used in mining, construction areas and industrial processing production in the process of conveying equipment, it can be long distance transmission is relatively large particles of the material. Has the advantages of simple structure, large conveying capacity, safety and reliability, low energy consumption, so the construction waste crusher has become an important part of the enterprise necessary, especially mining and processing enterprises. 
It will be a variety of mine crushing grinding equipment closely together, form a complete set of mineral processing production line, greatly enhance the production efficiency. For an important material that conveying equipment, routine maintenance is essential.The following is based on the construction waste crusher instructions summary of daily maintenance for your reference. 
1: mechanical equipment lubrication for rotating parts of regular lubrication is important content of the daily maintenance, each lubricating part used lubricating oil, lubricating oil supplement brand name, cycle, the replacement cycle to carry out maintenance and added according to the instructions on the content. 
The 2 belt: the most vulnerable part for construction waste crusher, in particular to transport sand material wear on the belt is more serious, so the surface of the belt should pay attention to maintenance, such as a long time without application of tarpaulin cover equipment belt, avoid long time exposure in the sun cause weathering.
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